M/S Constem Engineering Co (U) Ltd is located at  Bukomero & Seven Sisters’ building, Second Floor, Room 04, along Nansana-Hoima Road, almost 200m off the Northern bypass. The company was registered &  incorporated in Uganda in 2009  under the company’s Act (Cap 110).

The firm offers Consultancy Services in  (a)building services:  such as in Housing Units, Commercial Buildings, Hotels, Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Industrial Complexes, Fuel Installations, and Public Institutions and (b) other engineering disciplines as in Electric Power System, Transmission and Distribution, Energy Studies, Research,  Information and Communications Technology and Project Management

The firm’s Engineers and Engineering Staff are experienced in the use of the , GPS, CAD stations, lighting design software, mechanical services design software, the Imax software for CCTV design, Air conditioning and ventilation mechanical designer volume 14 and other documentation software like Microsoft Excel, Lotus 123 and Page Maker for Desktop Publishing.

The firm has a Local Area Network with total installed memory capacity of over 200 Gigabytes.  Among other programs, are AUTOCAD 2010, CROM-CAD, IMAX and other latest version Computer Aided Design (CAD) software for Building services. The CAD stations also carry Digitizing facilities and Multi-colour plotting facilities for most sizes.

The company has been prepared for a range of services. Capacity has been built to provide technical services ranging from project design, implementation, engineering solutions and surveying. The company takes advantage of the services from people with different skills and also associates with other firms and freelance professionals to provide the best of services. Delivery of quality work within the stipulated time frame is the company’s hallmark and unique capability that has won us a substantial client base. The company is equipped with a robust team of experienced professional personnel

M/S Constem Engineering Co (U) Ltd  is guided and strictly adheres to the Conditions of Engagement as laid out by The Uganda Institution of Professional Engineers: “Conditions of Engagement and Scale of Fees of Consulting Engineers” April 1989. The Conditions of Engagement as published by the “Association of Consulting Engineers” (U.K) are also adhered to as the need rises and the Uganda Institution of Professional Engineers Code of Ethics.

Protea Hotel Kampala. We managed to Do M&E on this Project. There is more we do than this.. Check out more

Latest Projects
Protea Hotel Kampala. We managed to Do M&E on this Project. There is more we do than this..
Electrical and diesel Fire pumps- vital in fire fighting in high rise buildings.
Operating lamps for hospital theatre being tested for its functionality